Fatima Doman’s speaking has taken her across six continents and a wide range of audiences from NASA to CEOs in Japan, to the International Rescue Committee in Africa, to manufacturing companies in Germany, to tech firms in Australia, to conferences in Brazil, to numerous Fortune 100 and 500 companies across the globe.

“Great presenter!  Radiates positivity and openness—authenticity is her strength!

Genentech Participant

Fatima’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to evoke your authentic, best self. She is a thought-leader and a gifted coach who motivates audiences while empowering them with actionable tools for sustainable positive change. Example keynote and training topics can be explored below.
Authentic Strengths: Move from What’s Wrong to What’s Strong
People who use their strengths daily are 6x more likely to be engaged! Invest in the engagement and fulfillment of your people by leveraging their unique strengths profile.

Boost goal achievement with the STRONG Goals process. Groundbreaking positive psychology research reveals a strengths focus paves the way to satisfaction, success and sustainable high performance.

The Smart Swarm: Positively Productive Teams
Harness the collective intelligence of your team to maximize your group potential—turning collisions into collaboration, toxic into trust!

Learn strengths spotting strategies and use motivating feed forward to bring out the best in each other. Research shows focusing on team members’ strengths rather than on correcting weaknesses results in greater productivity, fewer mistakes, reduced sick days and improved relationships—everyone benefits from higher performance and a healthier bottom line.

Enlightened Leadership: Creating a Culture of Strengths
Elevate the talent you lead! Use evidence-based, practical leadership tools to ignite potential, boost productivity and strengthen key relationships.

Transform your leadership style with 3 simple yet profound coaching steps: Explore the strengths of your people, Empower goals with a strengths focus, Engage strengths daily for sustainable results.


Whole Person, Whole Life
People perform better and are more fulfilled when all aspects of their being are recharged! Proactively and positively address the well-being of your people.

Participants will learn the 7 essential elements that lead to greater energy, vitality and performance. Research reveals that people who use their strengths daily are 3X more likely to report an excellent quality of life, personally and professionally.



Thriving in Transition: Finding Strength in Change
The only constant in life is change. Identify your top unshakable core strengths that will help you navigate change with greater ease and flexibility.

Use practical, evidence-based tools for sustainable positive change as you leverage your authentic strengths. Tap into an internal reservoir of fortitude using the Motivation Grid© for today’s fast-paced, changing environments.



Revive Resilience
Invest in the resilience of your people. People who know how to optimize their strengths are significantly more adaptable, more productive, less stressed, report more positive emotional states and create higher quality work.

Learn evidence-based tools to:  silence the inner critic, give voice to the inner coach, boost self-compassion and self-care, positively reframe failure, overcome comparanoia, and harness the undoing effect of positive emotions.



Emotional Intelligence Fueled by Authenticity
Emotionally intelligent people are more likely to be hired and promoted!  Managers overwhelmingly report valuing EI over IQ and research reveals that character strengths fuel emotional intelligence.

Learn the skills of: self-coaching to manage emotions under pressure, listening authentically so that others feel heard and understood, practicing constructive feedforward while taking responsibility, genuinely appreciating strengths in self and others, and turning potential collisions into collaborations.

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Excellent speech!  Loved “you go where you look,” “positive contagion” and “positive self-talk” concepts. I plan to work on using my top strengths daily.

CAPMC Professional Development Mentor

The part of the event that was most helpful–EVERYTHING!  It was fantastic!  Such great information that is going to help our organization.

Modesto City Schools Development Specialist

Very wonderful event!  Explained the strengths and how to use them very well. People get a lot from hearing Fatima speak.  I plan to look at my strengths and how I can combine them for best use.

Head Start Participant

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