Drawing on the science of positive psychology, our books and practical, three-step process will help you explore your strengths, empower your goals with your strengths, and engage your strengths consistently for sustainable, positive change. For decades, we have successfully served individuals, teams, organizations, schools, and communities.

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Research shows that people who use their strengths daily are six times more likely to be engaged. Focusing on strengths rather than on correcting weaknesses results in greater energy, enthusiasm, and fulfillment. Our offerings will bring out the best in you and in those you seek to positively influence.

We address current topics such as leadership, teams, resilience, well-being, change, transition, and culture through our programs and services:

  • Speaking: inspiring keynotes for organizations and conferences with practical takeaways and tools—see a list of topics.

  • Coaching: bringing out the best in you and in those you influence with 1:1 coaching or team coaching engagements—see a list of options.

  • Training: offering 90 minute, half-day and full day interactive, fun workshops.

  • Certification: empowering coaches with evidence-based tools to help your clients rise to their greatest potential.

We have inspired people around the world – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Portland – all 50 states and across six continents.




A remarkable contribution to the fields of positive psychology, coaching and leadership.

– Stephen M.R. Covey

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