Character strengths predict resilience over and above positive affect, self-efficacy, optimism, social support, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.

María Luisa Martínez-Martí & Willibald Ruch, 2016

Character strengths use at work is connected with not only job satisfaction but also productivity and organizational citizenship behavior. These connections are explained by high positive emotions and engagement. 

Lavy & Littman-Ovadia, in press

Mindfulness and character strengths were found to work together to facilitate mental well-being.

Duan & Ho, 2017

A workplace study found the most important predictors of work-related well-being and job performance were signature strengths fit.

Harzer, Mubashar, & Dubreuil, 2017

In a study of 1,031 working adults, signature strengths had the highest unique contribution to performance and organizational citizenship behavior. 

Littman-Ovadia, Lavy, & Boiman-Meshita, 2016

In a study of 832 employees across 96 departments, strengths use support reduced absenteeism among workers with a high workload and high emotional demands.

Van Woerkom, Bakker, & Nishii, 2016

Using one’s signature strengths in a new way increased happiness for 6 months and decreased depression for 3 months

Mongrain & Anselmo-Matthews, 2012

Regardless of which character strengths are used, the congruent use of strengths in the situational circumstances at work is important for fostering job satisfaction, pleasure, engagement, and meaning in one’s job (i.e., the alignment of one’s signature strengths with work activities is what matters.

Harzer & Ruch, 2012

The use of signature strengths elevates individuals’ harmonious passion (i.e., doing activities that are freely chosen without constraints, are highly important, and part of the individual’s identity). This then leads to higher well-being.

Forest et al., 2012

Character strengths were highly correlated with well-being subscales of self-acceptance, purpose, and environmental mastery, as well as good physical and mental health.

Leontopoulou & Triliva, 2012

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