Fatima Doman, Founder

Positive psychology tools to help you succeed.

Lead Authentically

When people thrive, your organization thrives.

Live Authentically

Go ahead, love your life! Discover your inner coach to revive and recharge.

Learn Authentically

Interactive, gamified microlearning courses for organizations, universities, and schools.

As Seen In

Discover Your Strengths

Understand your unique profile to empower your personal and professional life.


Want to leverage your authentic strengths? Let us help unleash your full potential – improving your performance and relationships.

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Teams & Organizations

Want to experience remarkable synergy and value each team member’s strengths? Let us help you gain a sustainable edge.

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Schools & Communities


Want to turn your character strengths into positive action? Let us help your schools and communities thrive in surprising new ways.

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Strength in Numbers

Fatima Doman believes that appreciating strengths builds up people, teams, and organizations. It’s never too late to start something positive.

Million Surveyed


Character Strengths

Well-Being Pathways

A remarkable contribution to the fields of positive psychology, coaching and leadership.

– Stephen M.R. Covey

Practical, proven strategies to create a more vibrant, resilient and fulfilling life!

– Mark Hyman, MD.

A must-read in today’s era of rising stress, anxiety and depression.

– Daniel Amen, MD.

Brilliantly accessible toolbox for leading a happier, more successful life.

– Dr. Tal Ben Shahar

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